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Product History:

The original Nutritionist Pro software was developed in 1982 as N-Squared Computing. After two and half decades the software remains one of the leading nutrition software products on the market and is used by thousands of dietitians, nutritionists, food manufacturers, hospitals, health clubs and educational institutions.

N-Squared Computing was acquired in 1993 by First DataBank, the leading provider of integrated medication databases and a subsidiary of Hearst Corporation. During its early ownership by First DataBank, the software won an award at Carnegie Hall for Best Nutrition Software.

Over the years the product line was enhanced under various brand names - Auto Nutritionist III (1993), Nutritionist IV (1995), Nutritionist V (1997) and then finally Nutritionist Pro (2000).

In 2005, Axxya Systems acquired all rights to Nutritionist Pro from First DataBank. Axxya Systems core team has over 20 years of combined experience in dietetics and software development and prides itself on innovations and cutting edge technology in the nutrition and fitness arena. It is our utmost commitment to continue to make state of the art improvements to the Nutritionist Pro software and database, and provide unrivaled service and client support.


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