Effortless Nutrition Facts Labeling: How Digital Solutions Meet the Need for Canadian Labels?

Nutrition Facts Label Canada

The food label is one of the most vital tools Canadian consumers use to make informed decisions about safe and healthy foods. In order to make sure consumers have clear and consistent information on food labels, there are federal regulations and requirements.  Food manufacturers, service providers, consultants and institutions need to follow these guidelines while creating and analyzing recipes and posting the labels to their food packages.

What do food labels in Canada include?:

Majority of food products require a list of ingredients and allergens while other food labeling requirements are only mandatory if manufacturers or processors choose to make a certain nutrient claim. Take for example food products which include health claims. In this case, the food label must meet strict standards. However, all nutrition facts labels must display clear and concise nutrition information for consumers. Some requirements include:

  • Consistent and realistic serving size.
  • Specific label designs and styles.
  • Percentage of daily values for certain nutrients.
  • List to include mandatory and optional nutrients.
  • List of ingredients present in the food.
  • Declare allergens that may be present as well.

Modern food businesses are pushed to move products quickly and create new foods fast and efficiently while following the food guidelines and standards in Canada. This demands an agile nutrition facts labeling solution. A solution which drives agility, accelerates production and workflow processes and reduces cost.

Reaping the Benefits of a Nutrition Facts Generator:

Thanks to the latest digital nutrition facts solutions, organizations can use fully-integrated nutrition labeling systems.  These solutions come pre built with a centralized Canadian ingredient database and unlimited types of customizable label templates, including printing capabilities . Users can build unlimited recipes and formulas using the database, create unlimited label styles in English and/or French, add custom ingredients as needed, save labels in high resolution images, and print them as needed.

Going digital reduces the chances of making errors in food labeling, complying with the food standards and guidelines in Canada, it reduces the need for paper-based quality control processes and audits, and reduces costs and time significantly, thereby helping organizations drive growth and gain a competitive edge.

Labeling Solution: A Suggestion

Today’s consumers look for nutrition information while purchasing or comparing products while shopping. Label regulations shift and change in accordance with public health initiatives and concerns. Food and beverage producers must conform in order to be successful. Are companies ready for these challenges? Keeping oneself ready to meet labeling guidelines flawlessly can be difficult or time consuming. This is one of the reasons to depend on nutrition facts labeling systems.

Nutritionist Pro™ is one of the food industry’s favorite Canadian nutrition facts generator tools, which fulfills all necessary labeling requirements while not being cumbersome on any company’s budget.

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