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National Nutrition Month

Axxya Systems is Celebrating National Nutrition Month® 2021

“When in doubt, use nutrition first,” said Dr. Roger Williams, a British professor of hepatology, well-known for his work on vitamins and human nutrition. People often freak out wondering whether to choose foods based on dieting trends or nutrition principles. For all of them, this month ‘March’ has a big significance because it’s being celebrated…

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Food Nutrition Research

What Makes Food Nutrition Research So Challenging? How Can a Nutrition Analysis Software Simplify It?

Conducting and interpreting nutrition research involves consideration of the research question, food environment, wide variability of nutrients in foods and dietary patterns, study design, approaches used to collect and analyze dietary data, and manner in which results are reported. The purpose of food and nutrition research is to publish original research studies directly relevant to…

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Nutrition Analysis & Food Labelling Software

Nutritionist Pro™ v7.9: The Obvious Choice for Your Nutrition & Diet Analysis Needs!

A few days ago, I was speaking with a nutritionist and asked her about the right foods to add to my daily meal to keep myself protected from the novel coronavirus. I was surprised to see she was still using pen and paper to prepare a meal chart for her patients, spending much time creating…

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Nutrition Label Maker

Tips to Save You From Misleading Health Claims on Food Labels

Reading food nutrition labels is often tricky. Some labels can be confusing and may convince people to buy highly processed and unhealthy products. But consumers are much more health-conscious than ever, which is why they want to understand the nutrition contents of the food items they wish to purchase. Nutrition labels can help make healthier…

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Cycle Menu Creation

Menu Creation is Now Faster – Just A Copy-n-Paste!

Are you a food service manager? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear appetizers, entrees, daily specials, ethnic cuisine, fine or casual dining, cut food costs, dietary guidelines, government regulations, special diets, marketing, etc.? Each of these words certainly bring quite a few different thoughts to your mind, but…

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Food Labeling Software

Axxya Systems Released Version7.9 of Nutritionist Pro™ Food Labeling Module!

Food manufacturers are happy to find ready-to-use food ingredients on a food nutrient analysis and labeling system. It enables them to produce retail-ready nutrition labels in minutes! Are you one of them who is also looking for such a system with a large food ingredient database? Looking for a system which can offer drag-and-drop functionality,…

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Food Nutrition Research

Want to Streamline Your Nutrition Research? Always Go to an Expert

Thousands of researchers use a nutrition analysis tool to streamline the process from nutrition data collection to evaluation. It saves valuable time navigating participants’ data and enabling the researchers to search for foods meeting certain nutrient criteria and helps recognize research patterns quicker. The goal is to get your nutrition research assignments done faster by…

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Chinese Food Labeling

Chinese Food Labeling Simplified By Nutritionist Pro™ NexGen Online Application

When it comes to the food industry, technology isn’t the first thing which comes to mind. But, these days, technology is an integral part of the food industry, from being a part of food production, to food nutrient analysis and food labeling, among many others.  You can find how easily and quickly food manufacturers are…

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Dietitian Menu Planning Software: How It Can Help Create Meal Plans Your Clients Will Follow?

Dietitians often complain about their clients not following meal plans in between appointments. It gives rise to a kind of insecurity and frustration in practitioners who often worry whether their meal plans are sound. Not all clients will follow menu plans is true.  However, there are some practitioners who create incredible menu plans which are…

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Are You Ready To Make Your Nutrition Facts Labels Effortlessly?

Food labels are crucial, no matter if you need them for your own food products and marketing or want to make an informed choice of a food you want to consume. Labeling food products with accurate nutrient information is a top priority for food manufacturers, so that they may meet the food regulatory guidelines on…

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